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A selection of past Medical & Physiological projects

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Motech Devices Care Clip

A personal mobile telecare device for older people, includes GSM, GNSS tracking, RF and a fall sensor. Design consultancy, and marketing clip

A platform for interoperability for Assisted Living. A TSB funded project with Cooperative Estates, Intamac, Air Trak & Sure Technology. De Montfort University Project


SSL Ltd - Skin friction measurement

Project management, systems integration and software development. Assesses the lubricity of oils used to coat condoms.


In-Vivo Laryngeal Tensiometer

Mechatronic Design - Project Leader. Funded by the Royal Society - this device was used to measure the biomechanical properties of the human vocal fold from volunteer patients. De Montfort University Project

laryngeal tensiometer

Femcare - Automated catheter for bladder control

Embedded microelectronic & software design. A prototype design for a design that would train a catheterised bladder,  simulating natural bladder control by using a clamp to close off the catheter in a natural cycle. Contract work undertaken for Canard Design who led the development.

Femcare automated catheter

Proctor & Gamble - Various Devices

Project management. A number of projects were undertaken for Procter & Gamble, including a skin colourimeter, hair bending device, numerical analysis of tissue deformation data, hair thickness meter, automated wig washing apparatus, and a skin roughness meter.

skin colourimeter

Fred Baker Scientific Airborne Microbiological Contamination Monitor

Digital electronic and embedded software design. The system draws in a calibrated sample of air, and applies it to a petri dish, that slowly rotates over a 24 hour period. The dish is then cultured and examined. Based on an 8051, the embedded software manages the air flow sampling system and the user interface. The company was later purchased by 3M

Fred Baker Scientific

The Linear Skin Rheometer

Project Manager, electronic and software design. The LSR, shown here with a 3-Axis positioning table, is used to measure the biomechanical properties of human tissue. Used by Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Boots and GoJo to quantify the effectiveness of skin cream formulations, it has also been deployed in support of fundamental research into tissue engineering.


RASPED - Reverberating abrasive single use piezo electric driven device

An EU FP6 funded project to develop an automated rasp for hip replacement. Assistance with the design of instrumentation to measure the forces applied to bone during the rasp insertion procedure. Other devices developed for research purposes include motor control for an automated patient bed, automated airborne contamination monitoring, technical support for the development of medicated bandages for geriatric skin (GoJo and Unilever), skin lesion detection using light transmission, gut motility catheter, and  vocal fold elasticity in support of tissue engineering therapies.


Vickers Medical - Microprocessor based temperature control for the model 49 baby incubator

Consultancy. Image courtesy of the Science Museum. A small consultancy project undertaken to assess the applicability of the emerging technology of microprocessors to provide digital temperature control. Also examined at this time was a new design for a drop sensor, and an infant apnoea alarm. SIRA Project

Vickers Baby Incubator