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Latest product - the SMART_TR RF mesh network control for intelligent lighting. Will be posted in the new year.
Thorlux Lighting - Scanlight AT

Electronic and embedded software design. Scanlight AT provides a web-based monitoring service for emergency lighting. Luminaires are connected to their local controller via a DALI network. The main controller (shown) communicates to these controllers over a CAN network, and uploads data to the web server using an embedded GSM MODEM.
Scanlght AT
Quarndon Electronics QCAN

Circuit design and embedded software. Phillips launched a range of 8051 core microcontrollers, that included CAN as standard during the 1990's. This board was developed for Quarndon electronics to be used as a general purpose CAN controller card, with a range of standard I/O included, plus mains rated relays.


Robotic Systems - Data logger 

Embedded software. This PIC based module uses Nordic VLSI 2.4 GHz to transmit 14 channels of analogue data. Intended for use in robotic systems, it has other applications as well. Robotic Systems market of range of products, including this device.

Robotic Systems

Podbox - Secure parcel management
Electronics & embedded software. Podbox devised a  concept to support the secure movement and delivery of high value parcels. The Podbox iself is a secure container, into which valuable items are deposited, and barcode scanned. Data regarding delivery and collections being forwarded to a server using GSM MODEMs

Ringtrack Telematics Platform

A KTP funded project to develop new embedded applications for environmental monitoring, asset tracking and remote condition monitoring. De Montfort University project


Land Infra Red - Hand Held Temperature Sensor

Electronic & software development. Shown here is a hand held display module design for Land Infra Red which shows remote temperature.

Land InfraRed Pyrometer

Seemless O Rings

Software development 1995. This was a LINK project with Loughborough University's IPTME Department, that developed a machine to manufacture seam-less O'Rings. GSI developed the human-machine interface.

o ring

Azko-Nobel - Paint Spray Spark Analysis

Electronic & software development. An experimental tool. Paint sprays charge up the paint particles so that they are electrostatically attracted to the material being coated, which has the opposite charge. During this process charge builds up on the nozzle of the spray gun, resulting in an electrostatic discharge. The theory being researched was that the nature of this spark would give an insight into the quality of the paint finish. This device, based on an GCAT PC, captured the spark data at a rate of 8Khz, and applied an FFT in near real time to produce a frequency domain analysis of the discharge.

Wiki Image spark

W & A Metrology Status 3 Co-ordinate Measuring Machines

Project manager and embedded software design. A stunning example of UK engineering design by W & A Metrology, built with granite, air bearings, DC motors and precision scales this machine delivered outstanding metrology performance. Our role was to develop the 3D machine control, which was a particular challenge as all 3-axes had to move synchronously along any vector in 3D space. This was a multi-processor system, built around the 8085.  SIRA Project

Status-3 3d coordinate measuring machine

BBC - Automatic Dimmer Control

System Design 1992. A system used to support automatic calibration of studio lighting

dimmer control

MEL - Hand Held Thermal Imager

Project Manager and embedded software. MEL developed one of the first hand held thermal imaging cameras for civilian use. The team at Sira designed an octagonal  rotating polygon optical system that scanned the scene using a 8-bit IR detector array, thus generating a 64 line image. The embedded 8051 device then illuminated an 8-bit LED array using the scanned data, which was returned through the identical path path. Later variants were produced for Lasergage, who took over the design. Also added was a point measurement of the target temperature, which was overlayed on to the LED display. SIRA project

thermal images

BS Instruments Ltd - Model 782 Gas Flow Computer

Embedded software design. Shown here is the control room on part of the Trans-Siberian pipeline, with 5 model 782 gas flow computers. Based on an 8051 this product replaced and enhanced the equivalent KDG Model 780, and was produced to meet new national requriements as the pipeline extended across Europe. Other products included a CMOS variant based on the 6805, which used a battery powered Pocket Stradcom V22 MODEM to transmit data along the Alaskan pipeline. SIRA Project

Model 782

EPS Ltd - Water Vapour Transmission Rate Meter.

Project manager. The WVTR's purpose is to measure the permeability of wrapping materials to water. Based on an 8085, Phase Modulation is used to control the heat output of an incandescent light bulb, that manages the temperature within the chamber. SIRA Project.

Water vapour Transmission rate Meter

KDG Instruments Ltd - Model 780 Gas Flow Computer

Software development. One of the first examples of an embedded microprocessor used for precision instrumentation. Developed for use of the Siberian gas pipeline, the 780 offered a level of accuracy far superior to all other products on the market at that time. The code used an innovative floating point maths package, hosted on an 8085. The other major project carried for KDG was the use of an 8041 microcontroller to provide computer supervisory control for an analogue PID controller. SIRA Project

Model 780 Gas Flow Corrector